Have you ever wanted to test your car (and yourself) against the clock in a relatively safe, low-speed environment? Then autocrossing is for you. Cars run one at a time against the clock on a parking lot course marked by traffic cones. No previous experience is necessary; novices are welcome. All you need is a driver's license, an automotive helmet and a car that can pass a basic mechanical safety inspection we can even supply the helmet! Cars are run in classes against cars with similar performance. So whether you have a Yugo or a Ferrari, we have a class for you.

Willamette Motor Club puts on several autocrosses a year in the Salem area. In 2002, we combined these events, for the first time, into a championship series with year-end trophies for the class winners. For Series Event dates please see the Calendar

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2017 WMC Supplemental Rules (PDF)

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The 2012 WMC Rulebook can be found here.

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